Fixed Income Advantage

Working with your Raymond James financial advisor, you have a Fixed Income Advantage, as your advisor has the freedom to offer objective, unbiased advice with access to client-focused resources. Once your advisor understands your personal circumstances, a meticulously tailored long-term plan will be based solely on your specific goals.Over time, bonds can provide excellent risk-adjusted returns. Fixed income investments diversify your portfolio, helping to stabilize your over-all return and create a predictable income stream to support your desired lifestyle, all while safeguarding your net worth. Your advisor will create a portfolio with the potential to preserve capital and minimize risk while maximizing returns. And as your needs evolve, your advisor will integrate Raymond James Fixed Income resources to monitor, manage and adapt your portfolio as needed.Understanding that one solution does not fit all, your advisor will strive to earn and maintain your trust by delivering five important elements: personalized service, reliable performance, significant experience, innovative solutions and industry leadership. The Raymond James fixed income department offers resources that your advisor can use to help determine the suitability of each investment. Education efforts and market perspective are complemented by independent third party research, supported by Moody’s Investors Service Credit research, available to you from your Raymond James financial advisor.

Innovative Solutions
In addition to being familiar with your specific situations and financial goals, your advisor has direct access to fixed income professionals who can suggest appropriate actions and develop custom strategies. This gives you an opportunity to follow a long-term approach that uses passive investing overlaid with active monitoring, and make adjustments as warranted. Fixed income tools available to you through your Raymond James financial advisor include:

  • Timely market information and commentary
  • Input from trading desk professionals for guidance
  • Evaluation and advice on specific transactions
  • Assistance in bond portfolio creation
  • Investment evaluation and portfolio analysis tools
  • Home office visits to meet fixed income professionals

Competitive Execution
Critical components of fixed income investing include price transparency, liquidity and execution. Through your Raymond James financial advisor, you’ll have access to both primary and secondary markets. This means you are not limited to bonds owned by Raymond James, since we co-mingle our offerings with those of many other dealers. Raymond James participates in the selling and/or underwriting of agency offerings, FDIC-insured brokered CDs, corporate notes and preferred securities. The result is that your financial advisor can choose the offerings best suited for your individual needs. Expect to receive superior service through a wide array of tools and offerings available to your Raymond James financial advisor, including:

  • Suite of market transparency tools, including price improvement logic, and MarketView, giving your advisor the ability to select the best bonds at the best prices.
  • Bond inventories from more than 100 broker/dealers, showing the lowest priced offerings. This platform displays in excess of 12,000 different taxable fixed income offerings.
  • Access to alternative trading platforms such as TradeWeb, MuniCenter, Knight Bondpoint and Bondtrac.
  • Bid wanted requests automatically routed to more than 100 dealers with which the Raymond James fixed income traders compete, helping to ensure that you receive competitive price executions if you sell bonds from your portfolio.
  • Integrated real-time data feeds that assist your advisor in evaluation and comparison.
  • New Issue Offerings

Income and Diversification
Developing personalized financial plans and managing evolving financial needs demands regular and comprehensive portfolio review. When it comes to fixed income investments, your Raymond James financial advisor will continuously analyze and update strategies to meet your individual objectives for income and to help grow and protect your assets.

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