Important Information for Tax Season 2011

As you prepare for the 2011 tax season, please consider this important information. Due to the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and the IRS mandated reporting of cost basis, this tax season will not be like previous ones. By being aware of these changes, you will know how best to plan and set expectations.

1099 Information

Client Letter

K-1 Information

Through the years, I’ve utilized limited partnerships in investment portfolios. These investments generate a schedule K-1. The Schedule K-1 is a tax document issued for an investment in partnership interests. The purpose of the Schedule K-1 is to report your share of the partnership’s income, deductions and credits. It is issued around the same time as Form 1099 and serves a similar purpose for tax reporting.

Widely held Limited Partnerships within my branch:

Limited Partnership Ticker Expected Date Online Tax Package Support Phone Number Tax Package Support Fax Number Tax Web Site
Energy Transfer Partners LP ETP 2/21/2012 (800) 792-7904 (866) 554-3842
Enterprise Products Partners L.P. EPD 3/21/2012 (800) 599-9985 (866) 554-3842
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, LP KMP 2/16/2012 (800) 232-1627 (866) 554-3842
LINN Energy, LLC LINE Mid-March (800) 203-5179 (866) 554-3842
Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P. MMP 2/23/2012 (800) 230-1032 (866) 554-3842
NuStar Energy, LP (NS) NS 3/2/2012 (800) 310-6595 (866) 554-3842
ONEOK Partners, L.P. OKS 2/23/2012 (800) 371-2188 (866) 554-3842
Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. PAA 2/29/2012 (866) 872-2829 (866) 554-3842
Suburban Propane Partners, L.P. SPH 2/17/2012 (888) 878-0708 (973) 503-9297
Teekay LNG Partners, LP TOO Mid-March (866) 867-4071 (866) 554-3842
W.P. Carey & Co. LLC WPC 2/15/2012 (800) 593-8081 (866) 554-3842
Williams Partners L.P. WPZ 2/29/2012 (866) 867-4074 (866) 554-3842

For a larger list, please visit

Please note, changes in tax laws or regulations may occur at any time and could substantially impact your situation. While we are familiar with the tax provisions of the issues presented herein, we are not qualified to render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.